Organic Foaming Cleanser + Toner in one

This organic tea tree + lavender foaming  cleanser & toner in one is a great addition to anyone's skincare routine, especially anyone suffering from Rosacea, acne, discoloration, tone and redness on the face.

With just a touch of organic apple cider vinegar, tea tree and lavender this pleasantly scented cleanser is long lasting, gentle, soothing and effective! Designed to level your skin's pH levels for a soft, healthy normal skin tone starting with your very first use! Whether your skin is normal, mature, oily or dry, this healthy cleanser is perfect for neutralizing excessively oily skin as well as overly dry skin. Gently and naturally kill acne causing germs while evening out skin tone and calming redness.

Ingredients: organic soap base, organic apple cider vinegar, pure tea tree, Lavender essential oils
8.45 ounce


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