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Cayenne & Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Pain Lotion!


Image of Cayenne & Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Pain Lotion!
  • Image of Cayenne & Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Pain Lotion!

This all organic Cayenne & Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Pain Lotion is non greasy and formulated to help with the symptoms of diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, stress related muscle tension, common muscle aches, sore feet, sore legs and more.

*Cayenne ( Capsaicin ) helps to alleviate pain caused by shingles, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis while working as a natural remedy for fibromyalgia.

*Peppermint oil has the ability to improve circulation and relax tense muscles. Many conditions such as muscle tightness and stiffness especially on the neck and back can cause tension headaches or migraines making peppermint oil an excellent natural treatment and has calming effects on skin inflammation.

This non greasy alternative is a powerful plant based topical lotion with cayenne, turmeric, peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus (to name a few) which help to increase circulation, decrease swelling and calm inflammation that typically causes stiffness, achiness and pain. 

Massage into back along spine first, and then
onto areas of pain, and try to relax.
Best used in combination with warm showers or baths and heating pads or cold packs.

4 ounce ( closer to 4.5 oz ) family size

• 100% organic
• Non Toxic
• Tried and True testing
• Cruelty Free
• Non greasy

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